Published: 9th February 2024

In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, we caught up with Chris Raybould, our UK Community Engagement Coordinator, to delve into his journey as a Level 4 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Practitioner.

Chris's professional background primarily revolved around youth work and collaborating with community organisations to implement projects aimed at unlocking the potential of young individuals. His roles spanned from residential programs to skills sessions, focusing on nurturing crucial interpersonal skills for the future.

Driven by the desire to transition his experience into the corporate space, Chris found the perfect career progression as the UK Community Engagement Coordinator at National Express.

Maintaining an avid appetite for learning, Chris actively sought ways to further develop his skills and discovered the Level 4 course. With the encouragement of his manager, he enrolled in the Level 4 apprenticeship.

When asked about the impact of the apprenticeship on his role, Chris shared, “Given the niche nature of the area I work in, it was crucial for me to understand best practices and the skills required for success. The apprenticeship has provided me with opportunities to apply the knowledge, behaviours, and skills I've acquired. This directly supports my day-to-day responsibilities and contributes to long-term projects at National Express. A significant takeaway from my apprenticeship is the ability to scale local support and initiatives to a national level, benefiting numerous community organisations.”

So, if you, like Chris, aspire to continue your learning journey and integrate it into your daily work life, an apprenticeship could be the ideal path for you.

For additional information, explore the Early Careers section of our careers website:

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